Frozen Shrimps

Zakyan is a shrimps supplier in Dubai, we are also one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of shrimps in the UAE. We pride ourselves in providing fresh and delicious shrimps to our customers. We are one of the largest suppliers in Dubai, offering a wide range of shrimps at competitive pricing.

Zakyan Shrimp – Our Zakyan Shrimp is one of our bestsellers, it is a high quality product that has been made by hand. It has been prepared using only the freshest ingredients available. It is not only tasty, but full of nutrients as well! Our products are available at the best price in Dubai and other cities across the country.

We can also offer customized solutions for our clients who want to buy large quantities of Shrimp products on regular basis from us. Our team will help you choose the right type of product depending on your requirements so that you can get exactly what you need from us in the best possible way possible without any hassle or confusion whatsoever!